Monday, December 21, 2009

Early Christmas with the family

Angie & her children were here last weekend for an early Christmas gathering. It was great to see them. All of the girls are growing up way too fast!! I didn't take too many pictures. It's hard to get a 2.5 year old & an 18month old to hold still long enough!!

The 'big' girls had their hands full trying to keep the little ones still long enough for a snap shot.

Amber was giving a "Two for one" deal on the piggyback (or belly) rides!

Hannah with 2 of her new presents: Her pink chair from Uncle Wes & Aunt Brandi & a rubber duck from Mimi. It blows bubbles....a huge hit!

Hannah & her Daddy with Natalie's new toy violin. Hannah loved it & didn't want to give it up. Shh! Don't tell her, but Santa Clause is bringing her one, too. ;-)

Finally, sweet Natalie gets a turn with HER violin!

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