Monday, December 21, 2009

Do I make her wear a jacket???

So these days, dressing Hannah has become quite the chore. She seems to prefer a diaper & her accessory of choice....either shoes or a hat. Go figure. She wiggles & fusses until sometimes I decide it just isn't worth it to clothe the child. She is perfectly content to run around the house in the bare minimum. I have just one question.... Should I at least make her wear a jacket when we go to the grocery store?? ;-)

Here, she is seizing the opportunity to jump on her mattress when I'm attempting to change the sheet. She obviously chose rain boots as her accessory of the day.

Lock-up your computers! We frequently find her 'surfing' the web when we aren't looking.... once again in a diaper & accessory of choice.

Here, she is putting her babydoll in the bouncey a hat & diaper.

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