Saturday, March 27, 2010

STILL never a dull moment!!

So Hannah continues to love accessories..especially shoes. She has a pair of glittery disney princess shoes that light up when she walks. She had to wear them all over Birmingham yesterday...along with 4 beaded necklaces. I wasn't able to get a picture but I am posting a picture of her in the shoes on another day. There is still never a dull moment around here! I will take some Easter pictures this weekend & hopefully post them soon.

Here are the famous princess shoes. Who needs pants?? Everybody girl knows it is all about the shoes!!!

Mommy, do you think my 'riding gloves' are pretty ?

Any music requests!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Disney Vacation

We had a great time at Disney last week. The weather was a little chilly, but overall it was quite pleasant. As always, Hannah traveled well. She LOVED the bus rides to all the parks. She would stand at the bus stop & start yelling "BUS" as soon as she saw one round the corner. Meeting the Disney characters was fun. Hannah went right up to them & even 'high-fived' Goofy. However, when Goofy tried to hug her, apparently he crossed the line into her personal space & she screamed!

We spent one day in the Animal Kingdom. Hannah loves animals so this was a huge hit. We took the safari ride & she saw one of her favorite animals...the bippo (that's Hannah talk for hippo). Lots of time was spent in Magic Kingdom & Epcot, too. I'm posting some pictures. Enjoy!

Here, we were having our evening snack. Does anyone think that it's strange that Hannah chose grapes over an ice cream sundae??

Hannah meeting Goofy....before he tried to hug her!

Hannah meeting Mickey.

Hannah is riding a cannon in the Animal Kingdom.

Hannah never sat still...even at meal time. Hence the booster seat in the floor. Oh well, at least we were dining at Disney!

Hannah playing in Mickey's playhouse.

Hannah has her shades just like she likes them for a busy day in Epcot!

Hannah's first ride was Dumbo!

Hannah in front of the Cinderella's castle.