Sunday, August 2, 2009

'Cruisin vacation'

Well, we just got back from a Disney cruise. Yes, we took Hannah. She had a great time & didn't even mind the 9+ hour ride to Port Canaveral. She loves the water & enjoyed walking around on the top deck where she could feel the wind blow through her few wisps of hair! ;-) I have posted quite a few pics...hope you enjoy.

Hannah enjoying the water.

Hannah doing what she does best...supervising every one's activities

Hannah enjoying her evening 'cocktail' of milk as we set sail.


The Disney cruise ship.

Our only family photo in the Bahamas....nice hair, Leslie!!

Hannah & I entering Disney's private island for the day.

Hannah loving the ocean.

Lee & Hannah on Castaway cay.

Father & daughter sight-seeing.

Hannah on the way to dinner....never without her lovie or her pink dog!

She loved the characters. She had just kissed Minne's nose in this pic.

Hannah trying to figure out Goofey's whiskers.

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