Monday, June 8, 2009

Hannah's 1st birthday

Hannah turned 1 on Saturday. I still can't believe it, but this time last year, we were bringing home a 5 pound little girl from the hospital. We celebrated with grandparents, Aunts, & Uncles. She was quite entertaining...she has learned to dance, blow kisses, & practially run behind her doll stroller (although she isn't walking unassisted yet). The best part of the day was her eating her cake. She dove into it & barely left a crumb! Here are a few pics of the day. Thanks to everyone for all of the presents. :-)

Hannah in her new rocking chair that her Daddy bought & painted her name on. The bow stayed on for about 60 secs!

Hannah's birthday cake.

The birthday girl in her party dress. She wasn't too happy with the dress or the hat! :-(

Pre-party pic. I still can't believe all the gifts she recieved!

Hannah taking a 'danity' little bite of her cake.

At this point, the cake was reduced to crumbs so we had to resort to a spoon.

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