Sunday, April 5, 2009

9 month portraits

Lee & I took Hannah for her 9 month pictures last weekend. Yes, I know that she will be 10 months tomorrow, but it's just the best that a working girl could do. Hannah's wheels are constantly spinning so it was quite the challenge to get her to sit still long enough to take the pictures. I was constantly putting her back in place! She also has a new 'trick'....sticking her tongue out, which was capture numerous times in the photos. Needless to say, by the time it was all over, we were all exhausted....but we did manage to get some good pictures. Hope you enjoy.

This was just the beginning....mommy is so proud of this dress but i just wanna crawl...with my tongue sticking out!

Okay, the chair is pretty cool....I'll sit still momentarily!

Seriously, I wanna get out of this dress & crawl!!

Okay, new dress & new chair. I'm a good girl!

Still being a good girl!

Okay, I like the teddy bear & sticking my tongue out!

Catch me if you can............

All I needed were flowers to play with & I would have sat still the entire time! :-)

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  1. She's getting so big! Just wait, taking pics gets even more entertaining in the next 6 months, lol.